Nia™ Classes

  • Nia™ Classes

    Nia™ classes include 55 minutes of movement to a diversity of music.

    Every Nia™ class has 7 Cycles beginning with a focus and intent. Every class offers a unique combination of 52 moves that correspond with the main areas of the body: base, core and upper extremities. Stiff beginners and highly fit athletes alike can adapt Nia™ to meet their needs by choosing from three intensity levels.

    Nia™ classes balance form with freedom encouraging people to personalize the movements making choices for pleasure and comfort.

  • Feel Good. Look Good.

  • Classic Nia™

    Nia™ classes are designed as an hour-long practice combining movement, music and magic into a dance enhancing the individual and group spirit. Choreography is based upon ‘The Body's Way’, expressed through me; a Certified Nia™ Teacher, as ‘My body's way’ and combined with clear direction to encourage you, the student, to discover and move in ‘YOUR body's way’.

    Experience for yourself the Nia™ Benefits: treat your body, mind, emotions and spirit to a dose of Nia on a regular basis and incorporate the principles into your life.

    Freedom is inherent in every Nia™ class, allowing your unique ‘way’ to shine through. However, just as with yang, there is yin, so with freedom, there must also be form. The balance provided by form appears in many ways throughout a Nia™ class, one of which is through the structure of the class experiences.

    Every Nia™ class follows the format below made up of seven cycles:
    1. Setting the Focus
    2. Stepping In
    3. Warming Up
    4. Get Moving
    5. Cooling Down
    6. Floor Play
    7. Stepping Out

    Nia™ has 3 levels of intensity, called levels 1, 2 and 3. Level 1 is where you, the student choose to move at low intensity. Level 2 represents an opportunity to move at medium intensity, and level 3 is movement at high intensity. The decision rests with you, the student, as to which intensity level suits you in the present moment. These levels allow anybody, regardless of individual state of health or fitness, to participate safely and enjoy the Nia™ experience.

    Every Nia™ class will give the student an opportunity to move through all intensity levels. The difference is in the length of time a teacher encourages students to remain at any one level. The traditional class experience suitable for everyBODY is called Classic Nia™. However, I also offer a variation on the classic Nia™ class: Gentle Nia™.

    Go to the calendar to search for my Nia™ classes in your area.

  • Gentle Nia™

    A Gentle Nia™ Class is a lower intensity Nia™ class that offers more time moving at level 1 of the three levels of intensity. Gentle Nia™ is for everyone who loves to move at a more gentle pace and is more suited for the older, less fit or recovering Nia™ student.

This class is a wonderful and restorative Nia™ experience.

Note: All Nia™ classes are suitable for everyBODY, even if the class is adapted with a certain population in mind. Remember this: You, the student, are ultimately responsible for your experience. You have the ability to choose to move in the sensation of JOY by ‘tweaking’ movement to suit Your Body's Way. Be guided by the sensation of PLEASURE so that you remain in or moving toward the state of joy in your Nia™ practice.

Go to the calendar to search for my Nia™ classes in your area.

For other classes in The Netherlands or Belgium go to the international Nia website and search for Country, City or Teacher.

Try Nia™! Your body will be thanking you for it!