About Nia™

  • What is Nia™?

    Nia™ is an expressive body-mind movement and lifestyle practice, embracing fitness and health.

    This holistic fusion fitness embraces the gifts from healing arts, martial arts and dance arts, such as sensation, mindfulness, grace and fluidity. It helps us to understand how to self-heal through awareness and alignment that improves functioning, and it's above all FUN with inspiring music!

    Traditional benefits of Nia™ include cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength, balance, endurance and relaxation. Nia™ engages the spirit and touches people's hearts, giving them permission to play and more intimately connect with themselves and with others.

    Nia™ is guided by the Pleasure Principle - if the body feels good, accepted and loved, it will naturally become stronger and heal.

    All Nia™ movements are adaptable and can be personalized for any level of fitness and agility. No prior training is necessary. Everyone is welcome, so join me for Nia™!!!

  • A beautiful inspirational Nia™ video with Kathy Wolstenholme from Nia™ South Africa

  • The Nia Technique™

    Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas founded Nia Technique™, Inc. in 1983. The Nia Technique™ combines 3 forms of arts; dance arts, martial arts and healing arts, which made the Nia Technique™ the first fusion fitness program ever known.

    Nia™ has 52 moves that optimize the body's natural design. Nia™ choreography is body-centered and allows practitioners to connect to nine diverse movement styles: Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, jazz dance, modern dance, Duncan dance, yoga, Alexander Technique and Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais.

    Over the past 30 years Nia™ has become a worldwide fitness movement, with Teachers in more than 45 countries, that advocates doing things the easy way instead of the hard way; a program that tones and trims the body superbly - through Pleasure, not pain. It's so kind to the joints, and usually done barefoot.

    Nia™ is a holistic technique that starts with fitness and ends with comprehensive healing of the Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions.

    For more information about Nia™ visit the website www.nianow.com.

  • Nia™ Benefits

    Just to name a few...

    » Increases the pleasure of living in your body

    » Creates weight loss and proper weight maintenance

    » Strengthens, tones and defines muscles

    » Calms the mind and relieves stress

    » Improves endurance

    » Improves and increases balance, flexibility and agility

    » Balances the autonomic nervous system

    » Improves posture and can increase height

    » Improves organ function, particularly heart and lungs

    » Enhances sensory awareness

    » Heightens sexual function

    » Builds reservoirs of chi

    » Alleviates emotional problems including: depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders and anger management issues.

    » Improves circulation of blood

    » Improves lymphatic drainage

    » Strengthens the immune system

    » Improves concentration and cognitive function

    » And it's fun! ☺

    NOTE: Please keep in mind that these are benefits that people have had, remember that everyBODY is different. Nia™ is a journey where you are invited to discover the wonders of your own Body.