About Me

  • My Vision

    I believe the Energy, Health and Joy we experience is the result of our thoughts, the foods we eat and how much connected we are with ourselves, our environment and others.

    My dream is helping you getting more ENERGY, a better HEALTH and more JOY in everyday life through:

       Nia™ Classes ; a joyful, expressive movement experience; a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Nia™ will help you (re)discover your body and your body's natural way. Love your Body; Love your Life!

       Energy Food Classes ; a fun and informative experience about nourishing nutrition, with tasty teasers and recipes for radiancy that give you a natural energy boost, a beautiful healthy appearance and a joy for food and life you did not know before!

    In the future I will also offer other kinds of classes and workshops.

    My classes and workshops will help YOU to become that beautiful energetic, healthy, joyful person that YOU naturally ARE!!

    Be MOVED, get ENERGIZED and feel ALIVE!!!

  • WHY I do what I do

    Before I will give a short biography I want to say:

    Just thinking about teaching classes and workshops make me go and feel like:


    Butterflies are flying all over. My body just doesn't seem big enough for the energy, the sparks, the passion that I have inside for my vision.

    I NEEEEEED to do this; to SHARE it with YOU! EVERY DAY!! ☺

    ...and it is inevitable that you will feel a fraction of this JOY... or maybe even a whole LOT!!!

    You just have to CONNECT with me through one or more of my classes and/or workshops and/or other ways that are possible!

    Don't waste any more of your precious time and let us create a beautiful party for the body, mind, emotions and soul! Again, and again, and again, and again! Can you feel the JOY already?! ☺

    ...now don't be scared by my enthusiasm! I just want you to know and show you how much ENERGY and JOY and HEALTH you can and will experience Dancing Through Life with me ☺

    This experience will be different than any other class or workshop you experienced!
    Actually, EVERY class or workshop is and will be different! I learn continuously about my body, about my being and so will you!

    The beauty of the movement classes are that there are NO requirements!!
    These classes are for every body - every age - every level.
    Yes, that's right! It's also for YOU! ☺


    I hope I convinced you to enJOY a class and/or workshop with me soon! :)
    I cannot wait to be moved with you!!!

    With JOY,

  • Short Biography

    During a first and life changing Nia class in March 2008 from Carlos AyaRosas in Portland (OR, US) I realized how much I had been missing out on the freedom, creativity and life-improving abilities of movement. Through the movement of Nia I felt like a little kid again; free, enjoying the moment and most importantly I felt that everything was possible. It was a magical moment and a magical class! I then decided to never lose that feeling again.

    While living in the US I went through the Nia White, Green and Blue Belt Intensive trainings, worked at Nia International Headquarters as a personal assistant to Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas, studied Holistic Health and taught Nia classes until being 8 months pregnant of my son.

    With our newborn my husband and I moved to France; to the Grenoble area. I have been teaching Nia classes in this area until my daughter was born.
    Thanks to the food loving French I upgraded my life-time passion for food in relation to health, which resulted in extra book shelves for an abundance in health- and food- and cookbooks, my Dutch food blog: De Groene Bistro and in becoming a Certified Raw Food Teacher via Karen Knowler's Raw Food Teacher Training Intensive.

    In January 2014 we moved back to The Netherlands (Liempde, Noord-Brabant), where I will be teaching classes and giving workshops in Movement, Food and much, much more! :)

    I hope to be experiencing magical moments with everyone who crosses my path!